6: Wonderful World of Worms

Earthworms are natures great recyclers of organic waste turning food and garden wastes into a nutrient rich soil, every gardener’s dream. Discover these fascinating creatures through discussion and images regarding the characteristics of earthworms, looking at how they live, work and play. There is also the opportunity to look at worms up close.

Duration: 40 minutes
Appropriate for: Schools program. All ages
Requirements: One class per session, class teacher to attend. If choosing the worm farm setup, the school will be responsible for various supplies which will be detailed upon booking. 

There is the additional option of assisting in the setup of a worm farm (which will add to the duration of the session).

Optional extra - Worm Farm Set Up

We provide a free recycled fridge to use as a worm farm.
Duration: 40 minutes
Appropriate for: School program. Year 3 and above
Requirements: One class (30-40 students)
Classroom teacher to attend (as follow up activity will be required)

When choosing the worm farm setup, the school will be responsible for various supplies which can be viewed below.
Note: Worm Farm set up’s can only be booked in accordance with other activities.

The worm fridge is free of charge

Every school will require the following items to purchase for the set up:
  • Three blocks of coir peat brick block (available from Bunnings) 
  • A bucket of water to soak the blocks in
  • Something to stand the worm farm on leaving enough spaces to put a container underneath to catch the worm juice, eg. an old pallet
  • A plank of wood approximately 70cm long
  • A piece of carpet to cover the worms
  • Shredded paper to feed the worms initially
  • Approximately 3kg worms to find out where to buy worms click here

7: Composting

Four options are available, looking at what is compost and how we make it, plus the chance to make compost and use it to make a small garden at home, at school or in the community.
Duration: 40 minutes
Appropriate for: School and Community groups. All ages.

Requirements For further information about the composting talks and demonstrations click below

Option A: Compost in a bottle

Option B: Compost pile or bin

Option C: Using compost in a small garden

Option D: Setting up a small garden

Activities take approximately 40 to 60 minutes to complete.
It is preferred in a school setting that the presenter addresses multiple classes during the visit, with a minimum of 3 sessions, one class per session.


Please contact the MRC Waste Education team to discuss our talks, demonstrations and workshop options and to make a booking.

Telephone: 9306 6303
Last Updated: 14 Nov 2019
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