'No Glass' campaign

The ‘No Glass’ campaign aims to reduce glass contamination in the general waste bin to improve recycling outcomes, in particular reducing glass making its way to the Resource Recovery Facility (RRF) and into the compost that is produced there. This is to be primarily achieved by encouraging residents to utilize their recycling bins rather than the general waste bins to dispose of glass items through the application of a ‘NO GLASS in THIS Bin’ sticker and associated information. The campaign will target 425,000 residents in 170,000 households across four councils, namely:

  • City of Joondalup
  • City of Vincent
  • City of Wanneroo
  • Town of Victoria Park              
These councils have been chosen to take part in the campaign due to them delivering the majority of the waste received by the RRF.
The ‘NO Glass in This bin’ stickers will be applied to bin lids, starting with those in the Town of Victoria Park (during the week of 26th Oct) followed by those in the City of Wanneroo (the weeks of 2nd and 9th Nov), City of Joondalup (weeks of 16th and 23rd Nov) and City of Vincent (week of 30th Nov). During these weeks stickers will be applied and, in each council, it will be followed by a four week advertising campaign consisting of information flyers and adverts in local community newspapers. In support of this, information will be available on MRC and council websites, disseminated through social media networks and at displays at the many events/festivals/fetes that occur throughout the Region at this time of year.
Waste truck audits from the participating councils have been recently performed with significant quantities of glass, particularly bottles and jars, presenting in every truck load. The campaign is timed to coincide with the reopening of the RRF after its composter replacement shutdown. It is anticipated that a significant reduction of glass will be presented on the reopening of the facility.
The MRC has worked closely with the member councils and the Waste Authority to develop the design and messaging for the sticker and accompanying flyer.  The bold sticker design with a simple ‘NO Glass in THIS bin’ message and supporting campaign is designed to have an immediate impact on the way residents dispose of their glass containers.
The design shown below is a promotional version of the bin sticker showing all councils involved and with the words ‘green top bin’ rather than ‘this bin’. 

Last Updated: 6 Apr 2019
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