Nude Your Food

4: Nude Your Food

Nude Your Food is a waste education program that focuses on reducing school waste. ‚ÄčThe program is a hands on interactive program to encourage students to get involved with packing a sustainable and healthy lunch box. 
The Nude Your Food program has a strong focus on reducing waste.  The session aims for students to contemplate how much waste is created by school lunches in Western Australian and to consider what happens to their waste after they have finished with it. 

Workshop format
  • Students will pack a lunch box with an array of choices that are presented to them. 
  • Students discuss their choice and why they thought it was 'good.'
  • Discuss food ingredients and count how much waste the class has created.
  • Time line activity to see how long common school waste takes to break down.
  • Students have the opportunity to rethink their choices and repack their lunch box now they have learnt more about food and waste. 
  • Time permitting finish the session with a Nude Your Food song. 

Duration: 60 minutes
Appropriate for: Schools program.  Suitable for year levels 3-6. The program format will be adapted to be age appropriate if other year groups wish to book.
Requirements: Group sizes of 30. A cleared space to create a circle for the class plus four tables to set out the lunch box props. 
Classroom teacher to attend (as follow up activity will be required)

To read more about Nude Your Food click here.
Last Updated: 14 Nov 2019
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