Nude Your Food

Nude Your Food is a schools' program of two sessions combining waste education with a strong focus on reducing waste.  The sessions conclude with a look at how much waste is created at school lunch and a time line activity illustrating how long this waste takes to break down.

Depending on the time of day when the session is held, there could be an activity to go through lunch boxes and work out the waste tally or, if it is after meals, you are asked not to throw away your waste until we arrive. The session will take an hour. 
We then leave the teacher with a tally sheet to run a week-long Nude Your Food Program.  Each day, the teacher will work out how much waste is created at lunch with a view to reducing the waste as the week progresses. The information can be used to tally the results and answer some questions.
After about two weeks we will return to the school for a second session to talk about what has been learned and think of ways to solve the problem. Students will graduate as Resource Warriors. This session will take 30 minutes.  We can also make this final session into a bigger celebration by attending an assembly to present badges. 

The Nude Your Food program is a schools program that is suitable for all ages.  It will be adapted in order to be age appropriate. 

To see our Nude Your Food leaflet click here.
Last Updated: 14 Dec 2015
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