The MRC can visit your school group, business or service organisation to provide free talks, demonstrations and workshops to those with a keen interest in learning more about waste management issues.

The aim of the talks, demonstrations and workshops is to educate the community about the waste hierarchy and the impact they can have on improving waste outcomes. This includes educating the community on the importance of producing less waste; placing things in the right bin and how to best manage problematic waste streams, ones that don’t go in any bin.

All visiting staff are experienced presenters and hold a Working with Children check.

Talks, Demonstrations & Workshop options


Option 1: Waste & Recycling

Where does your household rubbish go? A look at where things can or should go when we don’t need them anymore.

Duration: 40 minutes
Appropriate for: All ages
Requirements: All - Up to 30 people. For schools -  One class per session, class teacher to attend, a minimum of 6 x 6 metres undercover space if games are required, plus helpers to assist with games. 

Option 2: Wonderful World of Worms

Discussion and images regarding the characteristics of worms, how they live, work and play. There is also the opportunity to look at worms up close.

There is the additional option of assisting in the setup of a worm farm (which will add to the duration of the session). If interested, fridges made into worm farms are available at no charge. 

Duration: 30 minutes
Appropriate for: Schools' program. All ages
Requirements: One class per session, class teacher to attend. If choosing the worm farm setup, the school will be responsible for various supplies which will be detailed upon booking. 

Option 3: Composting

Four talk options are available looking at what is compost and how we make it, plus the chance to make compost and use it to make a small garden or in a school garden.

Appropriate for: All ages

For further informtion about the composting talks and demonstrations click here.


Option 4: Nude Your Food

Nude your Food is a waste education program that focuses on reducing school lunch box waste. You will learn the story of waste from natural resources used to create different types of packaging to what happens to waste after it goes in the bin. Individuals or groups are motivated to reduce their lunch box packaging by setting a reduction target for a 'Nude Food Week.' The program results in less packaging waste and less littering around the area or grounds.

Appropriate for: Schools' program.  All ages.  The program will be adapted to be age appropriate.

To read more about Nude Your Food click here

Option 5: City of Stirling Waste Education Program

Schools within the City of Stirling may elect to participate in this program, a partnership between the City of Stirling and the MRC in conjunction with Waste Wise Schools. The exact make-up of the visit will depend on student (class) numbers and will be developed in consultation with the school. The visit may include:

  • School assembly, with a talk on the 3 bin system
  • Workshops (preferably to Year 4/5 class groups) that may include a waste audit, talk, activities and games
  • Display to support assembly and workshops but also available for other class groups/parents/teachers to view during recess, lunchtimes and times without workshops
  • Take home material and information for parents.

Appropriate for: Schools' program.  All ages.  


If you have a specific area of interest, we can offer tailored solutions. Please contact the MRC Waste Education team to discuss our talks, demonstrations and workshop options and to make a booking.

Telephone: 9306 6303
Last Updated: 8 Aug 2019
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