Tamala Park Landfill, Drop Off, Reuse Shop and Education Centre (2 hours)

Tamala Park Landfill, Drop Off, Reuse Shop and Education Centre (2 hours)
  Duration: 2 hours
  Appropriate for: Adults and Students in Pre-primary and above
  • This is a bus tour for Schools and Communities.
  • To attend a tour you will need to hire a bus with a working microphone. 
  • The bus tour will take you on a journey for one hour around Tamala Park, including a visit to the Reuse Shop, the next hour will be spent exploring the Education Centre.
  • To find out about our bus subsidies view here.

  Tour group sizes:
  • We recommend a maximum tour group size for Schools and Communities of 45 people.
  • Individuals can join one of our regular tours held on the last Saturday of every month. 
  • Saturday tours operate at Tamala Park and the Resource Recovery Facility, from February to November by appointment only. 
  • On Saturdays small groups of between 3 and 6 people will be accommodated in the Mindarie Regional Council vehicle. For larger groups of 6 or more you will need to hire a bus, see requirements above.  
  • For more information contact: 9306 6303 or email: wasteed@mrc.wa.gov.au 
  • Make a booking Tour bus subsidy application
  Tour capacity: 45

Tamala Park
For more information about Tamala Park operations view here. 

Education Centre
The Education Centre is a focal point of interest for school groups and members of our community who wish to learn more about reducing the amount of waste they produce.
The Education Centre features displays, recycled products, Kneedeep the Frog, tips on how to give new life to those old items lying around home.
School students enjoy exploring to find all our animals made of recycled products, while many others learn from the composting and worm farm displays.
Displays include:
  • Waste disposal in the MRC region
  • Bin systems
  • Problematic wastes (e-waste, household hazardous waste)
  • How the landfill works
  • Landfill gas

Other activites:
  • Aluminium cans, the importance of recycling
  • Carbon cycle, waste its role in greenhouse emissions and global warming
  • Dealing with your organics at home
  • Composting
  • Earthworms and worm farming
  • A ‘green’ garden
  • Giving junk items a new lease of life
  • Visiting the Reuse Shop (To spend extra time at the Reuse Shop contact the Waste Education team)

Morning tea or lunch at the Education Centre?
You’re welcome to bring morning/afternoon tea or lunch to have at the education centre if you wish, as this will provide the opportunity to discuss where the waste produced goes to.  MRC can provide tea and coffee for the teachers.

To find out about our bus subsidies view here 

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