Resource Recovery Facility (RRF) and Visitors Centre (2 hours)

  Duration: 2 hours.
  Appropriate for: Adults and Students in Years 4 and above
  • Enclosed shoes are required.
  • This is a walking tour of the Facility and the Visitors Centre. 
  • Please be aware there is a long ramp (incline) used to access the viewing platform.
  • Bus subsidies are available for groups visiting the RRF, although this is not a bus tour. 
  • To find out about our bus subsidies view here.

  Tour group sizes:
  • We recommend a maximum tour group size for Schools and Communities of 35 people.
  • Individuals can join one of our regular tours held on the last Saturday of every month. 
  • Saturday tours operate at Tamala Park and the Resource Recovery Facility, from February to November by appointment only. 
  • For more information contact: 9306 6303 or email: 
  • Make a bookingTour bus subsidy application
  Tour capacity: 35

Resource Recovery Facility (RRF)
For more information about the Resource Recovery Facility view here

Visitors Centre
The Discovery Visitors Centre tells the whole story of waste and how the MRC deals with waste as a region. Interactive displays, games and information boards help to make the world of waste interesting and absorbing.
Learn about:
  • The Resource Recovery Facility (RRF).  Learn in more detail how the RRF takes household ‘green-lid wheelie bin’ waste and turns it into a soil enhancer through a composting process.
  • Your home organics. Why give it to us when you can produce good quality compost at home? Learn how to deal with your organics at home through composting and worm farming your kitchen scraps and garden waste.  Let your own garden benefit from this natural product.   
  • Recycling through the ‘yellow-topped bin’. Learn what can and can’t be put into these bins.
  • Problem products. There are many things that shouldn’t be put into either bin. Learn what they are and how to correctly dispose of these things.

To see our RRF tours leaflet click here.

Morning tea or lunch at the Visitors Centre?
You’re welcome to bring morning/afternoon tea or lunch to have at the education centre if you wish, as this will provide the opportunity to discuss where the waste produced goes to.  MRC can provide tea and coffee for the teachers. 

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