To help you to introduce or enhance your waste education program in your class/school, the MRC is developing education programs tailored for different ages and interests.

These programs will be supported by tours of our operations along with a range of on-line resources including programming ideas, activities, fact sheets, work sheets and other support items.


If you are interested in waste and recycling, we will have something for you.  From just learning about where your waste goes through to developing specific recycling projects or minimising your impact through the development of worm farms and school/community gardens, we hope to have it here.

Click here for Current MRC Education Resources.


Click here for information on Earth Carer Kids - Resource Rescuers.

Click here to access more information regarding composting awareness for schools.


MRC visits schools for waste activities.  Here primary school students make compost in a bottle, the children will watch the process over the next 6 weeks, as it ‘cooks’ and plant a seed or plant in the matured compost and take it home 

Last Updated: 4 May 2018
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