We love talking rubbish!

The Mindarie Regional Council (MRC) was established to assist the seven Local Government Councils of:  Cambridge, Joondalup, Perth, Stirling, Victoria Park, Vincent and Wanneroo to deal with their waste.

The MRC has experienced waste education staff available to assist schools with their sustainability programs focussing on waste, in particular the
‘reduce, reuse, recycle and dispose wisely’ message. 
Just look at what we can do for you

You can visit us

We run tours of our facilities which include the Tamala Park landfill site and the Resource Recovery Facility (composting) at Neerabup. See where your waste goes and discuss what you can do to minimise your waste and its effects.

There is an Education Centre at Tamala Park with demonstrated projects for recycling. This includes worm farming, composting, sheet mulched garden beds, creative art work from junk and more.

The Visitor’s Centre at the RRF shows the process of converting ‘green or red lidded household bin’ waste into compost at the facility and its subsequent use with interactive gand displays.

We can come to YOU
Members of our team can visit schools for talks, demonstrations
and workshops on all aspects of waste, including: organics recycling,

waste minimisation, ‘what goes into what bin’ activities,
Nude Your Food (waste free lunches) and bin audits. 
These visits can be tailored to meet the needs of students (all year groups), the school staff or parent groups.

The Roaming Recycler

This waste education trailer adds an extra dimension at school and community events including fairs, fetes and environment/sustainability days. It includes displays and games designed to get people thinking about waste issues and includes tips and ideas on how we can all reduce, reuse, recycle and dispose wisely. 

We can provide information and assistance

 We can help with the setting up of waste minimisation and    recycling programs within schools and community venues. Projects may include organics recycling, worm farms,           composting and school garden projects. Fridge worm farms and garden beds are available by arrangement from Tamala Park.
Schools are invited to take part in the dry celled battery recycling program. Collect household batteries and do your bit to help the environment.

Earth Carers and Resource Rescuers
RR-icon-We-love-talking-rubbish-9.jpgTeachers and parents may like to attend our community education Earth Carers courses. The courses give participants both broad and specific information and tools to address waste issues in a school, work and home situation.  You will  never look at a bin the same way again!
Students, who are keen and would like the challenge of taking on and completing a waste related project, may like to join our Resource Rescuers. These projects can be completed at home, school, or in a community group.


Mindarie Regional Council (MRC) recognises that waste does have a  value as a resource and is committed to managing waste in line with the waste hierarchy and in a way sensitive to the environment and future  generations.
Best of all, these resources are
FREE of charge
and are tailored to the needs of the individual school and age group of the students. The MRC education staff work in conjunction with Waste Wise Schools and the local councils. Click here for more information on MRC member Councils
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Need more information?
Please feel free to discuss with us your school’s waste education needs.
Contact the MRC Education Team:
Phone: 9306 6350
Last Updated: 5 Oct 2018
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