Skyworks Recycling

Skyworks Recycling
The Mindarie Regional Council and its Earth Carer volunteers assisted the City of Perth with its recycling activities at this year’s Skyworks, Perth’s premier Australia Day celebration. Tonnes of rubbish are left after the skyshow every year and a lot of it is potentially recyclable. Unfortunately most of it is mixed with the all the other rubbish so it just ends up all going to landfill.

To try and increase the recycling rate MRC staff and volunteers handed out rubbish and recycling bags; staffed the recycling stations, where patrons were rewarded with discount vouchers for bringing in full bags of recycling; sorted rubbish bags, to reduce contamination in the recycling bins; and, just raised people’s attention to waste issues. This activity was supported by regular messages promoting recycling as part of the event radio broadcast.

“Public place/event recycling is something we are not very good at here in Western Australia. The MRC’s involvement at this event is part of an on-going education campaign to show people that recycling is just as important at these events as it is in their own homes,” said Geoff Atkinson, MRC’s Education Manager,  “People are getting better about placing rubbish in the bin, now we have to get them to place the right rubbish in the right bin, or even better, get them to bring less rubbish to these events.”

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