Environmental Management

The objective of the Mindarie Resource Recovery Facility (RRF) is to transform domestic waste into usable, good quality soil conditioner (compost) to reduce the waste to landfill ... A fundamental requirement of the RRF is that the end result will not only be environmentally beneficial but also that the process used to achieve it will be controlled and environmentally friendly. The process is controlled by the SUEZ Mindarie Environmental Management System (EMS) described in the current Environmental Management System document.

Odour Management

BioVision 2020 Pty Ltd selected Conporec as the composting technology provider for the Resource Recovery Facility (RRF), partly due to their robust odour management system.

The Conporec composting process is conducted in aerobic conditions to minimise the potential to cause odour problems.

Ensuring the Biofilter is effective is a key element of the odour management system.

All of the RRF's operational buildings are kept under negative pressure, with several changes of air every hour. The odorous gases are collected as close to the source as possible and transferred to the Biofilter for treatment.

The Biofilter is designed to filter odorous gases collected from the waste reception area, the composter feeding area, and the maturation area. The 2,000m2 Biofilter at Neerabup is designed to ensure that it can effectively handle the maximum air flow through the system.

Prior to construction of the facility, BioVision 2020 engaged an independent expert to undertake a peer review of the detailed design of the total odour system, with particular emphasis on the design of the Biofilter and the process control.

The peer review report was submitted to the Department of Environment and Conservation with the application for Works Approval, and approved.

SUEZ is conscious that community acceptance of the RRF at Neerabup is highly dependent upon the facility effectively managing odour emissions.

SUEZ considers proactive monitoring of the composting process, including assessing the performance of the Biofilter, as a critical part of the odour management system, with the aim of preventing odour emissions being released.

Last Updated: 21 Sep 2017
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