Community Engagement


Visitors Centre and Tours

A Visitors Centre is located onsite with the public (community and schools) encouraged to visit and tour the facility. In doing so, learning about waste and its journey from the home to landfill, the RRF or some other destination.


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Community's Role Significant

Community input and feedback played a significant role in the decision-making process throughout the project's planning phase.

The MRC sought the community's views through extensive research, surveys, questionnaires and discussions as it distributed information leaflets throughout the region, published project details on its website, and conducted focus groups, public information sessions and telephone surveys.

As a direct result of feedback from the community, several milestones were achieved:

  • The location of the proposed facility was changed from Wangara to the Neerabup Industrial Area.
  • Thermal processing technologies for the plant's operations, such as combustion and incineration, were discarded in favour of biological processes (with aerobic composting ultimately favoured),




Last Updated: 21 Sep 2017
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