Bushland Management

Tamala Park bushland has been designated a Bushland Forever Protection Area because of its conservation value. It also provides screening and a buffer zone for site operations.  The Tamala Park bushland management objectives are to:
  • Protect and maintain bushland that is in very good and good condition and will not be cleared;
  • Restore and improve bushland that is in moderate to poor condition and will not be cleared; and 
  • Progressively rehabilitate areas that have been cleared and subject to landfill operations.


MRC has put in place a detailed Bushland Management Procedure covering rehabilitation, weed management and dieback management. An annual bushland management program is also prepared which specifies revegetation and weed control for each year aimed at progressively achieving the management objectives.
An annual feral pest control program is also undertaken aimed at conserving native fauna and flora at the Tamala Park Waste Management Facility.

Should your family pet have entered the Bush Forever land at Tamala Park please contact 9306 6303 and ask for our Environmental Supervisor.  Alternatively contact:

  • City of Joondalup Ranger Services 9400 4960 or 1300 655 860 after hours.
  • City of Wanneroo Animal Care Centre 9405 5000 or 1300 137 383 after hours
  • Visit RSPCA Animal Shelter in Malaga.

Alternatively contact your local vet or see the following web site: www.lostpetfinders.com.au

Prescribed Hazard Reduction Burn at Tamala Park – 2015
The fuel load within the Tamala Park bushland has steadily increased over the years to 15.5 tonnes per hectare. To ensure that the potential fire risk is properly managed at the site, Mindarie Regional Council has requested City of Wanneroo to assess and plan a number of prescribed burns at Tamala Park.  The first of these is the area adjacent to Kinross, see attached map. Subject to favourable weather conditions this prescribed burn will be carried out sometime during the month of May. Other parts of the site will be burned as seen necessary.


Residents in the area immediately adjoining the burn zone have been notified by the City of Wanneroo. All official departments (Department of Environmental Regulation, Police, FESA and City of Joondalup) have been notified/will be notified on the day of this event.


City of Wanneroo letter to residents, click here.


The prescribed burn is expected to be a slow burn with minimal (in relative terms) smoke production. With such burns the local fauna are expected to largely be able to flee the fire and the welfare of the wildlife will be monitored during and after the burn event.
Last summer the North Eastern corner of Tamala Park did experience a minor bushfire without major incident.

Last Updated: 22 Aug 2017
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