Environmental Management and Monitoring Plan

Environmental Management and Monitoring Plan auditing and continual compliance

The EMS section of the EMMP is periodically audited. This audit process is necessary to:
  •  ensure that MRC continues to comply with its internal procedures;
  • ensure the ongoing compliance of MRC’s environmental management system (EMS);
  • assess the effectiveness of the environmental system in providing improved management, Statutory compliance and performance;
  • identify additional areas of risk improvement opportunities; and
  • provide the organisation with feedback to facilitate ongoing development and implementation of their management system.


Particular MRC environmental management strengths identified during a recent audit included:
  • regulatory compliance audits;
  • environmental awareness/induction process;
  • employee and contractor awareness of environmental aspects/impacts, etc;
  • chemicals (separation of dangerous goods);
  • management of cultural heritage areas;
  • management of dieback affected areas; and 
  • community consultation and education
Last Updated: 4 Apr 2019
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