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What is 'closing the loop'?

Imagine the forest. Are there rubbish bins in the forest? No, because the forest keeps the management of its waste material within its own system. Trees grow, drop leaves and branches, animals poo or die, rain happens, the leaves and branches decompose, feed the plants and animals and it all keeps going. A very effective closed loop system.

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Plastic bags: to ban or not to ban?

The debate on banning plastic bags continues with the news that Tasmania is to go ahead and ban plastic shopping bags. This is an important issue, because the thin plastic bag is created for single use and then disposal. Production cost is still low and no, they do not occupy large space in landfill - so production can steam ahead. And they are so useful, what other easy to acquire bag can carry those smelly foodscraps, wet bathers and pet goldfish so cheaply and conveniently?! ...

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