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New James Bond movie SPECTRE destroys $51.6 million worth of cars

Yes for real, and reported with some awe and pride for what appears to be a dollar record in filming deliberate destruction. Yes, it makes for a great visual spectacle with huge entertainment value and has ultimately resulted in a box office hit for the makers. But…

So now the ‘what a waste’ frowns come out to match the incredulous wonder as to how such a feat could be achieved.


When we compare our paltry ponderings in the kitchen as to how our plastics will be recycled to such dramatic actions having consequences far exceeding a lifetime of recycling we wonder if anything we do on a personal scale is actually worth the time.


Probably not, if we crunch the numbers in the immediate timeline of events. However look at the ‘waste’ streams we have achieved in such a short period of only 100 years or less- complex manufactured goods, electronic gadgets, copious packaging, landfilled food waste etc.


If we humans can do all this so quickly and effectively I suggest we can address alternatives with the same vigour and enthusiasm. We need to market the concepts of ‘sustainable growth’ where goods and services are valued, repaired, rejuvenated, and materials given respect and value.


To destroy an expensive quality built car is not to respect the design, production, material, and time given to create the vehicle. Who are we trying to impress by such excess waste?


Surely the technology and special effects are advanced to give us the thrill of the chase without the irresponsible adolescence of a $51.6 million price tag of destruction?


I do hope all the vehicles were at the very least taken to a scrap dealer and recycled.


16 Nov 2015 10:15 AM  /  Peg Davies  /  0 comments
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