Moderation Process

The Talking Rubbish Blog and Forum is monitored by a small number of moderators who are employed by Mindarie Regional Council.  These people will step in when users breach the Forum Guidelines or Site Terms of Use.   This page explains our Moderation Process.


Who moderates?

Our Moderation team is comprised of a few staff members who have been entrusted with the ability to intervene when the rules have been breached.  They are the only people who have access to the tools to remove posts, replies and follow ups.  Moderators are users that have a good understanding of the site aims, goals and features.  They all have other roles outside of the Talking Rubbish Blog and Forum.


How do we moderate?

Whilst we have chosen a team to moderate, moderation does not mean “monitoring”.  The task of moderation should be a simple task, used only when people step outside the rules of use.  The bulk of the responsibility for maintaining a friendly forum lies with you, the user.  It is expected that all Forum users will read and accept the Forum Guidelines and follow these to avoid posts being moderated.

All posts must be approved by one of our moderators before they appear.  The standard response time is 1 working day.

Our moderators will review all posts and will only act when they feel something needs attention, for example when there is a breach of the guidelines and a post, reply or follow up needs removal.  Moderation is seen more as a support role and will occur twice a day.

The moderators of the MRC Talking Rubbish Blog and Forum reserve the right to modify or delete any material that violates any of the guidelines, or for any other reason that they deem appropriate. They also reserve the right to ban any user if they are in violation of the rules, although warnings will be given first (especially concerning the more innocent mistakes).

If you think someone deserves a warning, please use the "Report Post" button found on every post.  Moderators will investigate reported posts and take appropriate action for guidelines compliance, this can include:
  • Editing the post so it conforms to the guidelines
  • Deleting the post or moving it.
  • In some cases, a user will receive a warning about a violation of the guidelines.  These will be kept private and no other user knows they happened.
  • For extreme violations a ban can be issued.

If you have been banned and would like to appeal the ban send an e-mail via the Contact Us link or email


What to do if you are moderated?

When a post is moderated, you are sent a system generated email that will provide the post ID of the infringing post material and the reason for its removal or editing (i.e. it will list the rule that has been breached).
The first thing is don’t panic – having a post moderated is certainly not meant to be a personal insult, you will not be banned for having a post moderated.

You will notice that in the notification you will have the option to send back an email to the moderators with a re-worded version of your post.  Often the reason you are moderated is for a section of what you’ve written, not the entire post.  We suggest you re-read what you wrote and see if you can find another way to put it that doesn’t breach the rules.  Send it back to the moderators for review.  Ideally, the moderators can turn around the issue quite promptly and your reworded post can be made live.  Sometimes of course, if the comment was off topic or inappropriate then the post will be deleted.


Moderation Complaints and Feedback

If you come across anything that you think requires moderation, please send an email to the Moderator so that they can review the particular post.  This will send all moderators an email that will prompt us to review the post.  This is an important part of the community process.  Whilst we don’t make any guarantees, we will look at the post you’ve alerted to us and decide whether any action needs to be taken.  Please do not expect a reply to your moderator alert – the system is designed to speed up the moderation process and unfortunately we cannot dedicate time to send personalised replies in the instance of every alert that we receive.

Should you wish to make a complaint regarding our moderation process please send an email to for a moderator to provide a response.


Benefits of the moderation process

  • users can feel safe knowing their words aren't being tampered with by moderators unless the comments are not suitable for publishing
  • moderators are cautious, knowing their actions are visible
  • moderators can undo/re-instate removed posts
  • other moderators can inspect what was removed



Purpose of Moderation

The purpose of the blog and forum is to facilitate discussion amongst the community.  The role of moderator is to look for inappropriate content and if required answer questions that may be asked (however, we try and allow community members to answer each other’s questions where possible).  Whilst reviewing messages, the main aim is to identify if there is any inappropriate use and delete such content.



Moderators have various tools which can be used to respond to breaches of the rules, including the following:

  1. post/thread deletion
  2. post/comment declined
  3. post/comment editing
  4. forum-specific bans


Post/Thread Deletion

We will delete any messages deemed to be inappropriate and report the user to the designated Forum Administrator by email.  The moderator will record the incident, user’s name, email address and if known, IP address on a register.  They will then email the user to explain the reasoning behind deletion of the message.  The Forum Administrator will decide whether the User will be removed or warned, depending on the situation.


Post/Comment Declined

We may in some cases choose to decline the post, should it breach the rules.  The moderator will email the user to explain the reasoning behind this decision and to advise that the post has been declined.


Post/Comment Editing

We will edit any messages where language or wording is deemed to be inappropriate.  Should a moderator edit the text within a post the words - ‘language edited by moderator’ will be inserted in brackets behind the point where the text has been edited.


Forum-specific bans

Forum banning is used when a user has shown they are unable to obey the rules in one or more forums on the Talking Rubbish site, yet are generally okay everywhere else.  In such circumstances, a forum ban can be applied to prevent the user from being able to post in particular forums.  Generally forum bans are considered permanent, and can only be applied and removed by moderators.
Last Updated: 28 Sep 2017
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